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Bookclub organizers, please print and copy this worksheet for your group.

Dear Book Club Members ...

I’m happy you enjoyed my book, “The Freya Project,” and are thinking about reading it in your book club. Wish I could come to one of your meetings and participate in your discussion. I’d like to hear your comments, learn more about what you think, and answer questions. If you would like to do this, you can email me when your club meets, and we can set up a telephone appointment so I can talk with your group over the phone. Give me your name and an email address in your first inquiry, and I’ll try to respond within one day.

Thanks again!
Phil Rosette


Discussion Guide for The Freya Project

Begin your discussion by giving some background on the author. This “warms up” the group. 

"The Freya Project” is Phil Rosette’s first novel, published by Countinghouse Press. He has also written several short stories since he began writing fiction more than a decade ago. His latest novel is “Seoul Legacy, The Orphan’s Flu.” A short story, “The Architect,” was published in The Berkshire Review. He has also written several articles on Internet Marketing.

Phil Rosette’s writing comes from his own life experiences, starting at the age of nineteen when he hitchhiked across America. Since then he has worked in many jobs. By the time he was twenty-five, he’d been a busboy in England, a short-order cook in the Berkshires, and an international importer of rare and exotic cars.

He was once clocked at 100 miles per hour over the speed limit while demonstrating a Jaguar. Phil’s raced cars in England and the U.S. and finished a runner up in the 1980 SCCA National Championships.

He also spent a tour of duty in Vietnam as a helicopter door gunner. Phil’s writing style is as daring as his experiences, especially when he throws ordinary people into extraordinary circumstances.

Currently, besides his writing, he manages Group 41, a Michigan-based online marketing company. He has given internet marketing presentations for Automation Alley and the Troy, MI Chamber of Commerce

Phil lives in the metro Detroit area with his wife, Maureen, and two sons.

Now, to “The Freya Project“!


1. What incident, in your mind, set the story in motion, in other words, “gets things going”?

2. There are a number of strong characters in the story. Which character did you identify with and why?

  Which character did you like best and why?

  Did your opinions about any of the characters change over the course of the novel?

3. Some authors use a technique called “foreshadowing” in a book like this. They drop hints or clues early on about what may happen in the future.

As you read “The Freya Project,” did you pick up any clues in the beginning chapters that helped you predict what would happen in the later chapters or how the book would end?

  What did you think about the ending, and did it surprise you?

4. What about the setting? Did the fact that much of the story takes place in Detroit and Michigan make it more or less interesting to read?

5. This book is about techies and technology. How did you relate to it?

6. Did you find the book entertaining? Why or why not?

7. What role do you think the setting, both the time period and location, played in this novel? Could it have happened anywhere, at anytime? If so, how would that have changed things?

8. Why do you think the author named the book, “The Freya Project”?

9. Did the book’s characters or style in any way remind you of other books or authors you’ve read?

Many Thanks to Claire Murray of Ann Arbor, Michigan for organizing this page.
The Freya Project is a registered trademarks of the author, all rights reserved.

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